Factotums [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Factotums:

From that day I became Mr. Moncton's factotum, his confidential clerk, and principal agent.

Such was Mr. Plimmins, Mr. Plaskwith's factotum, foreman in the shop, assistant editor to the Mercury.

Ere long he had been taken into the company as an actor, and was soon spoken of as a ‘Johannes Factotum.’

Peter judged him the factotum of the little household: he knew where the biscuits were kept and the state of the grocer's account.

I hired as errand boy and general factotum to a small grocer down near the market.

The face of Champ-au-Haut's factotum worked strangely before he made answer.

Then he left the piazza and went towards the branch, where was the cabin of old Cajo, Madam Giron's factotum.

The sun stood high in the heavens when Apafi rang for his steward and factotum, John Cserey.

"Two very nice young ladies, and to have them here is like old times," Jessop had confided to Tom, the factotum.

But of course he didn't see why an outsider foisted upon him by a philanthropic factotum should benefit by this goodness of his.