Facultative [adjective]

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Similarly the saphrophytes are classed as obligatory saphrophytes and facultative parasites.

If a parasite cannot exist outside animal tissues, it is an obligatory parasite; if it can, it is a facultative saphrophyte.

I have seen this particularly in those cases where facultative divergence also was greater than usual.

Moreover, the extent of the "facultative" divergence attainable by prisms shows a considerable latitude.

(b) Both saprophytic and facultative parasitic bacteria agree in requiring non-concentrated food.

The enumeration of the anaerobic organisms (including the facultative anaerobes).

The greater number of the organisms are facultative anærobes and oxygen is not necessary.

It is not normally parasitic, however, and hence will be considered with other facultative parasites in Chapter IV.

Various species of Calliphorin are occasionally met with as facultative parasites of man.

In some cantons the referendum is obligatory, in others it is "facultative," or optional.