Faculties [noun]

Definition of Faculties:

ability, skill

Synonyms of Faculties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Faculties:

Sentence/Example of Faculties:

The evening previous to his death he was walking about the farm, in the full possession of all his faculties of mind and body.

HE ordered a lunch which he thought the girl would like, with wine to revive the faculties that he knew must be failing.

The sharpened faculties have something of a lawyer's quickness in detecting a flaw in the indictment.

But the continual drafts had kept ever in advance of the receipts, draining the exchequer—crippling its faculties.

The words were a talisman on the benumbed faculties of Louis; he hastened forward, and threw himself into the carriage.

It was to me a new birth of faculties that resembled a new sense of being, a buoyant and elastic lightness of feelings and frame.

He is of so excitable a constitution, that his faculties being so far confused is the best thing, perhaps, that could be.

Let us compassionate the critic whose well-trained faculties are thus wasted!

My claim is that ideas relating to spiritual things must be weighed by the same faculties as ideas relating to material things.

It was an acid test of his sanity and he knew as he worked that his reasoning faculties at least had suffered no impairment.