Fade [verb]

Definition of Fade:

lose color

Synonyms of Fade:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fade:

Sentence/Example of Fade:

Brown outmaneuvered Humphrey on a fade pattern to catch Tannehill’s lob into the end zone.

Once the base coat is dry I will apply shadows, fades and highlights with an airbrush.

Whatever faint associations it might once have held fade away, especially when the discover was neither famous nor narrow, and the reader is several generations removed.

They’re 49 feet long, so you can easily string them out over large spaces and they come with nine lighting modes, including slow glow, slow fade, and flashing.

In contrast to the Widal, it begins to fade about the end of the second week, and soon thereafter entirely disappears.

Her hope persisted until half-past nine: it then began to fade, and, at ten o'clock, was extinct.

Then I said to myself in answer to the poet, "Here's the cheek that doth not fade, too much gazed at."

His thoughts grew dreadfully confused, and his confidence in himself began to fade.

On this light being covered again the figure would apparently fade away.

These spots, which are from some hundred to some thousand miles in diameter, may endure for months before they fade away.