Failings [noun]

Definition of Failings:

lapse, shortcoming

Synonyms of Failings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Failings:

Sentence/Example of Failings:

Neither mother nor daughter ever uttered one word to each other in reference to the failings of the husband and father.

Two persons will not be friends long if they are not inclined to pardon each others little failings.

It hurt him to see all the little faults and failings of this divinity brought out by closer proximity.

He had, however, some serious failings which brought trouble both on his people and himself.

Like every hero the world has ever seen, he had his defects and failings, for it is given to no man to be perfect.

Although the government carried some highly beneficial measures it was not free from the usual whig failings.

For whatever this Habsburg's failings, fear was not one of them.

All Fiji knows his failings, otherwise I should not have alluded to them.

I will therefore speak particularly of some of our failings which lean to virtue's side.

Before he fired he saw the Martian's bold smile; whatever failings Hekalu Selba had, cowardice was not among them.