Fails [verb]

Definition of Fails:

be unsuccessful

Opposite/Antonyms of Fails:

Sentence/Example of Fails:

Yet in many cases their good sense fails to discover the right way.

So one's common sense fails to establish a definite reasonable time.

There are many cases like this in which one's common sense fails to furnish a correct, yet needful guide.

And certainly a Pastor is excusable who fails to do things of which he has no knowledge.

If he fails to qualify or a vacancy occurs, the creditors have an opportunity to make another appointment.

Until the mortgagor fails to execute his part of the agreement, he retains possession of the property.

A cry, which heard, even at noon day, seldom fails to blanch the manliest cheek.

You may go hence if your courage fails you outright; but I'll throw up the bridge and entrench myself within these walls.

This remedy cannot be always sought whenever the seller fails to execute his contracts.

In like manner if the landlord is to furnish heat and fails to do so, the tenant is justified in leaving.