Failures [noun]

Definition of Failures:

lack of success

Opposite/Antonyms of Failures:

Sentence/Example of Failures:

But poverty accompanied by crop failures for three years was a general and accepted thing now.

He doubled and trebled his risks, and did the like, as may be guessed, to his anxieties and failures.

He made a deliberate effort to put himself in Zeal's place, and after several failures accomplished the feat.

Marshal Marmont has been called one of Napoleon's failures, but this criticism is one-sided and unjust.

Their profits and losses vary greatly from year to year; and failures have been frequent.

Success is very rarely due to extraordinary circumstances, or to chance, as the social failures are fond of saying.

He died of chagrin at business failures, and at not having received any assistance from his father or mother.

Second, they must study themselves and their failures, trying to make the weak places strong.

His many failures caused his friends to forsake him and he was put in prison for not paying his debts.

After several failures, the boys acquired the knack of making up and binding a pack.