Fainthearted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fainthearted:

I never was fainthearted before; but I cannot believe such a creature cares for me.'

I ricommend to you, trusting to God, and putting down all misgivings and fainthearted feelin's.

Sometimes I feel almost fainthearted, which is cowardly and forgetful of our calling "to fight manfully under Christ's banner."

By its power he keeps the whole herd of dejected, fainthearted, despairing and unsuccessful creatures, fast to life.

Only the fainthearted talk of retreating; the others do not think of it, and these are more than the majority.

I shall advise General Washington to appoint you to take charge of our fainthearted ones.

He was leaning back with closed eyes, tired and fainthearted, and he did not answer.

Had not each had a strong motive for continuing the investigation, it is possible they might have grown fainthearted.

The fainthearted mistrust themselves and others; and they discourage themselves and others.

Deliver him that suffereth wrong out of the hand of the proud: and be not fainthearted in thy soul.