Faintness [noun]

Definition of Faintness:

defect, proneness

Opposite/Antonyms of Faintness:

Sentence/Example of Faintness:

Derek Carr scored the lone touchdown of the half on a one-yard quarterback sneak for the Raiders, who are trying to keep their own faint playoff hopes from being extinguished.

In June 2016, a faint star in the constellation Sagittarius brightened a bit.

Astronomers then compare the brightness of these standard candles with that of fainter ones in nearby galaxies to deduce their distances.

A brilliant and lingering supernova may be a once-in-a-few-centuries occurrence, but we’ll have astronomers and the internet to guide our eyes toward a fainter dot.

The eROSITA data reveal a faint and previously unknown bubble below the galactic plane, and a matching bubble above.

With a big dish to collect radio waves, Arecibo could see very faint objects.

She snatched them from him, and burst into a fit of hysterical crying, which ended in a faintness almost as of death.

After his interview with Eloise, the Colonel had complained of nausea and faintness, and had gone early to bed.

The faintness caused by lack of food, the cramps in his limbs from constant kneeling, made him unable to sleep.

May leans against the wall, a terrible sick faintness, born of excitement and hysteria, coming suddenly upon her.