Faints [adjective]

Definition of Faints:

having little effect on senses

Synonyms of Faints:

Opposite/Antonyms of Faints:

Sentence/Example of Faints:

You can still see them going by, but barely—they’re very faint.

On the sides, a lean premixed flame appears as a faint wisp.

Researchers have started to make rough Faraday rotation measurements using LOFAR, but the telescope has trouble picking out the extremely faint signal.

By training computers to recognize such faint rumbles, the scientists were able not only to identify the probable culprit behind the quakes, but also to track how such mysterious swarms can spread through complex fault networks in space and time.

When that faint light hits the other side, it’s already been split apart into its colors.

The faint candle-light glimmered on a ponderous gilded cornice, which had also sustained violence.

It was difficult to describe—a little sterner, a little wilder, a faint emphasis of the barbaric peering through it.

He was looking at me with eyebrows arched, curiously, and there was a faint suggestion of hostility in the set of his mouth.

The cytoplasm of lymphocytes is generally robin's-egg blue; that of the large mononuclears may have a faint bluish tinge.

Wright's stain gives such cells a faint bluish tinge when the condition is mild, and a rather deep blue when severe.