Fairly [adverb]

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On the first question, there’s a fairly long history of research into figuring out a better way of quantifying the balance between fitness and fatigue.

The “test and trace” scheme will be effective only if testing is widespread and if people remain fairly isolated while awaiting results.

By some accounts, she would have received something like 60 percent of the vote if it’d been fairly counted.

Beyond that, seditious language tickets have been fairly well spread out across the city, from Bay Terraces to Rancho Peñasquitos.

Jacob, however, has been fairly critical of Gaspar, her colleague.

You can get quite a lot of it online with what turns out to be some fairly simple technology.

As a result, the community demands of various neighborhoods were fairly equal.

Among amphibians, this ability to glow now appears fairly common — even if you can’t see it.

Obama’s appetite for executive action was fairly omnivorous.

I think it also is going to take an Act of Congress, which is fairly hard to accomplish.