Fairy [noun]

Definition of Fairy:

supernatural being

Synonyms of Fairy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fairy:


Sentence/Example of Fairy:

The fairy godmother is a magical stretch, but massive pumpkins are very real.

In our book, we introduce the “Switch Witch,” who comes at night to exchange excess candy for a small gift, kind of like the tooth fairy for Halloween.

To be fair, before Western mermaids were made all cute by fairy tales and Disney they were feared for leading sailors to certain doom.

For a long time now, such experiences have been considered not very reliable, certainly unscientific, and, if valid at all, deeply steeped in that pleasant state of mind known to us from fairy tales, novels, and poems.

Because in many ways that feels like the ultimate dream, it almost feels like a fairy tale, honestly.

You can see why this might fly in 19th-century Denmark, when Hans Christian Andersen wrote the Little Mermaid fairy tale.

The tailor of the fairy tale with his "seven at a blow" is not in it with the gunnery Lieutenant of a battleship.

The Elizabethan pipes were so small that now when they are dug up in Ireland the poor call them 'fairy pipes' from their tininess.

Spenser in his Fairy Queen makes one of the characters include it with other herbs celebrated for medicinal qualities.

She had just come to forty-nine, and was wondering if she might remind the fairy father of his duty, when the door opened.