Faithful [adjective]

Definition of Faithful:

loyal, reliable

Sentence/Example of Faithful:

He’d been sober for 25 years, he said, and faithful to his wife.

At Friday prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, the faithful often hold up portraits of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, worshipping under the gleaming gold crescent on the Dome of the Rock that was paid for by Turkey.

Another is that the square was designed to aid the faithful in contemplation, by providing a reminder of the presence of God.

That said, they may have one option to rally both the Republican faithful and a few swing voters.

The word of the law shall be fulfilled without a lie, and wisdom shall be made plain in the mouth of the faithful.

At sight of this generous enemy, this faithful friend, how could he restrain the grateful impulse to fling himself into his arms!

To save his faithful servant Frank wheeled Nejdi, and cut down a native who was lunging at Chumru with a bayonet.

It went hard with him to slaughter the faithful creature, who knew him, and came towards him at the first sound of his voice.

Louis turned at the exclamation, and looked on the faithful servant; but no tear was in his eye, no sound on his lip.

So Glavis (he is the Reverend's faithful lieutenant, you know), went out to look up Baptiste and have a talk with him.