Faked [verb]

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The first thing he had done was to make a frantic, hasty inspection of the boat hull, the faked cellar floor, the imitation stone.

Look at the Laughing Cavalier, and ask if it is not the man himself, as Hals saw and knew him, not a faked up hero?

"I faked that," broke in Rochester, before the clerk could make a disclaimer.

This bravery was a little faked, but I thought it best to keep as cool as possible, for Fatty was continually fuming and scolding.

This story, which is pretty well known, is a faked one; but it affords us a good illustration.

The sensational papers write up this “international union,” and publish “faked” portraits of the bride and her noble spouse.

Under the guidance of the French firm, they acquire at vast expense, faked reproductions as historic furniture.

That faked demonstration that failed was certainly a bold stroke—so bold that it was foolhardy.

It is better to have the best oil and use it sparingly if need be, than take any faked product just because it is cheap.

You cannot fool Nick Carter with any false move or faked story; I'm already sure of that.