Faker [noun]

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The finding suggests that Earth’s earliest rocks may contain abundant tiny fakers — minuscule objects masquerading as fossilized evidence of early life — researchers report online January 28 in Geology.

It is interesting as showing the patent medicine faker's touching confidence in the power of advertising.

You see, it doesn't work; and anybody who claims it does is a faker and a liar.

The same group of shillabers were constantly circulating from one faker to the other, and as constantly investing.

Why, you dirty faker you, what the devil you are coming round here bluffing that you want to buy a dress for your wife for?

I am one of a throng surrounding a smooth-handed faker who is selling prize boxes of soap and giving away dollars.

But in earthenware the majority of marks were impressed in the ware and this cheats the "faker" of his quarry.

The stronghold of the religious faker is that the people who follow him believe in him implicitly.

And when she found out you was a faker she set out to sue you for her money back.

The “faker” is not the mere mischievous wag of the farm-house or the country shop.