Faking [verb]

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But there undoubtedly was, with rare exceptions, a suspicion of what is called in slang "faking" about his work.

Which is the harder of belief, the faking of a photograph or the objective existence of winged beings eighteen inches high?

So, what more natural than that mediums should resort to faking?

Five minutes for faking breath,” he cried, “and then on again for that white patch where the water is foaming.

"I believe that fellow is faking," said the sergeant to Nick, as Harrigan left the room.

They fail to realise that a schoolroom film must be absolutely natural, that there must be no trickery or faking.

No more do I. I've seen so much of faking—in women as well as in men—that it's hard for me to believe anyone is genuine.

He must try to weather the storm until he has a chance of faking the voters' lists so as to improve his own chances.

I knew you'd know whether good people are faking, and which life is best.

As for the Leader, which was independent in politics, that paper did not worry over the accusations of "faking" made against it.