Fakirs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fakirs:

"Please don't try the old hypnotic fakir tricks upon me, Baroudi," she added, pushing up the cushions against the rock behind her.

Whenever they passed an embedded fakir, they obtained an incantation from his lips, but still Baal-Zeboub failed.

He is suffering so hideously, and so determinedly, like a fakir.

And the princess gladly paid them, after which the old fakir hobbled home with the money.

After much seeking the fakir found the penny and started on his errand, whilst the princess went off shopping.

But the servant declared that the casket was for her, so she took it with some curiosity, and brought it to the old fakir.

That very evening Subbar Khan came and sat up late with the old fakir playing chess as usual.

We entered the place pointed out with considerable misgivings, for we had not forgotten the plot of the Hindu fakir.

With his head thrown back, his eyes half closed, and his hare-lip gaping, he had the appearance of a fakir in ecstasy.

The 'curious insect' was given to the lady's husband by a rich native who gave up all his worldly possessions and became a fakir.