Falconry [noun]

Definition of Falconry:

the chase

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Sentence/Example of Falconry:

Falconry, unknown as a diversion to the ancients, became from the fourth century an equally delightful occupation.

Falconry (fa¨kn-ri), also called hawking, the pursuit of game by means of trained hawks or falcons.

He had developed into a dark, dashing youth, given to falconry, painting and music.

It is called La Fauconnaire, or the Falconry, and approaches two hundred feet in height, and very difficult of ascent.

The bittern in the days of falconry was strictly preserved, and afforded excellent sport.

Soon after these events Solyman, when engaged in his favourite sport of falconry, was thrown from his horse and killed.

A technical term in falconry, denoting the height to which a hawk or falcon flies.

As the Peregrine of falconry we know of the Duck Hawk as a fearless, dashing hunter of greater power of wing and talon.

But on the way to the marsh the knight and the Prior paid little attention to the diversion of falconry.

It is the species, in Europe, most commonly trained for the sport of hawking (see Falconry).