Fallacies [noun]

Definition of Fallacies:

illusion, misconception

Opposite/Antonyms of Fallacies:

Sentence/Example of Fallacies:

The educated world repeated to itself these grotesque fallacies till it lost sight of plain and simple truths.

All these fallacies are perfectly transparent to these men; and they would laugh at you for putting them forward.

A catalogue of the varieties of apparent evidence which are not real evidence, is an enumeration of Fallacies.

The Classification of Fallacies which will be attempted in the ensuing chapter, is founded on these considerations jointly.

Fallacies of Induction, where the facts on which the induction proceeds are erroneous, may be termed Fallacies of Observation.

Almost all fallacies, therefore, might in strictness be brought under our fifth class, Fallacies of Confusion.

The former would be ranked, in our distribution, among fallacies of generalization, the latter among those of ratiocination.

Fallacies of different orders often herd or cluster together in this fashion, one smoothing the way for another.

Having illustrated, therefore, this first class of Fallacies at sufficient length, I shall proceed to the second.

In this Class, there is not, as in all other fallacies there is, a positive mis-estimate of evidence actually had.