Fallible [adjective]

Definition of Fallible:

able or prone to err

Synonyms of Fallible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fallible:

Sentence/Example of Fallible:

I shall therefore, in my effort to prove the Bible fallible, quote almost wholly from Christian critics.

With individual operations controlled by fallible men enormous waste is inevitable.

But to assume that human laws are above question, is to claim for their fallible authors infallibility.

The first assumption puts our Savior on the basis of a fallible human teacher, and nothing more.

Most of the figures are therefore carried over from winter to winter in the memories of fallible men.

I was convinced, but of course I cannot be sure of a conviction, attained by fallible reason.

Yet all of them were very human and very fallible, and all came very short of the ideal of duty.

And opinion itself — The Fallible — is, in this dialogue, presented as an inexplicable puzzle.

But, seeing men are fallible, how then can any human system claim to be at all times The Church?

We must judge these flaws kindly, for all men are fallible, and bibliographers are no exception to the rule.