Fallout [noun]

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The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index has dropped 10% from its peak in late March as investors responded to the pandemic and efforts by central bank and government officials to contain the economic fallout.

The change comes only weeks after Chairman Simon Thompson said Jacques had the board’s backing to handle the fallout from the company’s destruction of the ancient sites.

Until recently, the risks associated with failed trade talks had been in the background, overshadowed by the economic fallout of the coronavirus.

Over the past six months, central banks and governments have unlocked financial floodgates to deal with the economic fallout of covid-19.

Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the coronavirus crisis will get worse before it gets better and that the fallout will test Germany’s finances for months if not years to come.

Taking into account that spike in crime, researchers were then able to estimate that billions more were being spent on crimes committed by veterans struggling with the severe physical and mental fallout of war.

While many parts of the world gradually return to normal, the United States still wrestles with the fallout of a mismanaged response to the new coronavirus.

Due to coronavirus fallout, Dennis has decentralized its branded content sales under category pillars after making staff cuts.

If polling is any indication, the vast majority of the fallout is being weathered by mothers, who were already doing the majority of household work even before the pandemic began.

Early on in the crisis, agencies cut out any remaining frivolous spending but that hasn’t really been enough to mitigate the fallout from the coronavirus.