Falls [noun]

Definition of Falls:

descent; lowering

Synonyms of Falls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Falls:

Sentence/Example of Falls:

When I finally reach the “Falls” in the river, my first thought is that this cascade looks like a set of rapids — more churn than drop.

Death comes in, the bread at the feast turns black, the hound falls down—and so on.

I suppose the hammer falls back more slowly from the string, and that makes the tone sing longer.

Indian battle at Turner's falls, on Connecticut river above Greenfield.

For down he falls into the raging waters below and is a lucky man if he is not dashed to pieces on the sharp rocks.

On him, and on him alone, falls the crushing onus of responsibility: to be a Corps Commander is child's play in that comparison.

Heavy falls of rock frequently occur, and by which means a vast number of persons are annually killed.

In these of the cereals it constitutes nearly half of their whole mineral components, and it rarely falls below 30 per cent.

Groping his way with half-closed eyes back to the bed, he falls again into a heavy, dreamless slumber.

A man can only die once, and if he falls in a good cause, fighting for his country, it is a credit to himself and his parents.