Falsely [adverb]

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In this sense, a short ride can be something of a false economy, like cheap bib shorts or treating your serious medical condition with CBD.

Kotz, the university spokeswoman, said by email that scientists and inspectors found no evidence showing the results were false positives.

Blackfishing got its name from catfishing, slang for someone seducing a person by using a false identity.

And, we do not try to determine uh what’s true or false when someone takes a policy position or when someone says the sky is purple or blue, or red for that matter.

It’s very easy for us to make the false assumption that the listener understands what we mean, not only when we use math-specific terminology, but also in the way we phrase descriptions and make assumptions.

Two other states had reported similar false positive problems, he added.

If I can’t help, I try not to lead people into false expectations.

We’re not talking about fraud here, or just bad ideas that were worth floating but flopped instead, or initial false positives due to statistical randomness.

Soon after learning his test result, Soto was convinced it was a false positive, which frustrated him and the Nationals at the start of a trying summer.

The Lions said at the time that it was for a false positive test result.