Falsification [noun]

Definition of Falsification:


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Sentence/Example of Falsification:

Can you not see that the work of falsification which a play demands is of all tasks the most ungrateful?

If lies were necessary, they would lie; where falsification was wanted, they falsified.

The present device of falsification was merely a play for time and would serve a very transitory purpose.

German historical teaching became an immense systematic falsification of the human past, with a view to the Hohenzollern future.

A falsification of that will is an offense against the State where it is committed, and against all the States.

There is something in a conversation-book which seems to prove this, and also to add evidence to the falsification of his age.

I applied to the Emperor Joseph, pledged my head to prove the falsification of this note; and entreated a revision of the cause.

It is undoing the systematic falsification of history, and is teaching us to read the past other than by the printed page.

This is a falsification through omission, a very serious falsification, as it modified the meaning of the document.

From 1783 to 1787, this man organized his astounding system of falsification all along the line.