Falsified [adjective]

Definition of Falsified:

demonstrated to be false

Synonyms of Falsified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Falsified:


Sentence/Example of Falsified:

This Court’s sentence should be designed, in part, to send a powerful message to the community that this type of conduct — falsifying information to hide facts from a court — will not be tolerated.

Eventually, he was able to prove that every police report — from the Kealohas’ initial 911 call to logs the assigned officers kept — had been falsified.

Officers who cooperated with the government in the federal prosecution said they stole money and falsified evidence for years, with little fear of getting caught.

Apple said it didn’t find evidence of forced or underage labor but discovered the supplier falsified paperwork to hide violations.

In 2018, a quality-control inspector at the company pleaded guilty to wire fraud in connection with the case for his role in falsifying test data to show the concrete had passed inspection and for ordering others to do the same.

Allesina jokes that physics textbooks stay at about the same length over time because experiments and observations falsify old theories at the same time that they catalyze new ones.

We may see by what happens in our own day how history is falsified at the very moment when events happen.

His books are now mutilated and falsified; they are but fragments collected by others who have appeared since.

There are compasses to be falsified, beacons to be extinguished, lanterns of lighthouses to be masked, stars to be hidden.

His labours were of no avail; his prophecies were falsified.