Falsifies [verb]

Definition of Falsifies:

alter, misrepresent

Synonyms of Falsifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Falsifies:

Sentence/Example of Falsifies:

The supposed separation of the deed from the inward intention falsifies the actual facts in the case.

Unfortunately, there was something worse in the Church than false philosophy, unless this book very grievously falsifies facts.

He makes no impulsive threats, and therefore seldom falsifies himself in the transition from choler to calm.

For there is another factor which clouds our judgment and falsifies the result in favor of what we are judging.

This frequently accounts for bad portraits and unrecognizable caricatures, for lighting falsifies extraordinarily.

Brother Michael falsifies history as much as he does religion.

Any regulation prescription falsifies the picture of the true needs of the time.

The worst form is when a writer deliberately falsifies facts or deliberately excludes from his picture qualifying circumstances.

In addition to these documents, what did rumor say—rumor, which often falsifies, but sometimes utters truth.

Aye, but he sinks the iron wall and wood, Where Phœbus wills that you hold guard of him; And thus he falsifies the exposition.