Falsities [noun]

Definition of Falsities:

dishonesty, deception

Opposite/Antonyms of Falsities:

Sentence/Example of Falsities:

Argument is that form of discourse which has for its object the proof of the truth or falsity of a proposition.

But it is easy to refute all these useless reasonings and to show the falsity of all these evidences.

The actual proceedings of the King in Council prove the injustice and falsity of such insinuations and statements.

It was this which filled the old poets and seers with religious horror; for men dared to suspect the falsity of the sun.

They are not so false as the theory, because nothing can in falsity quite equal that.

You will follow falsity, and think it truth, you unfortunate man or nation.

The truth or falsity of these stories of the peones I must leave to the inclination of the reader.

Hortis is of opinion that the word casu indicates the change of route necessitated by the falsity of Niccol da Montefalcone.

The human niche where the idea of a God must stand, was in Richard's house occupied by the most hideous falsity.

There is the question, of course, of the truthfulness or falsity of the various slanders which had such a tremendous effect.