Falter [verb]

Definition of Falter:

stumble, stutter

Synonyms of Falter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Falter:

Sentence/Example of Falter:

The man who would face a cannon's mouth would falter before the face of a woman whom he could crumple with one hand.

Consummate liar and comedian, or true man and no pretender, his eyes did not falter.

He shivers a little, but does not falter, and continues to walk with erect head and chest thrown out.

He is grim and gruff; his voice is deep, and he has rough words for those who falter in duty; but he has a tender heart.

Some roll to the bottom of the hill, the lamp of life extinguished forever; but their surviving comrades do not falter.

He was staggering a little now, but never a falter; on and on he went, the little cane feebly waving.

Mr. Longdon boldly demanded while his hostess appeared thoughtfully to falter.

To be the first is always an achievement, even though the steps falter.

But not for one instant did the motor falter or its deep-throated roar subside.

The single word, and the glance which flashed from his eyes, was expressive, but the girl did not falter.