Faltered [verb]

Definition of Faltered:

stumble, stutter

Synonyms of Faltered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Faltered:

Sentence/Example of Faltered:

"That would be long and short division," said she; but her voice faltered in saying it.

"I just can't stand it for another minute, Bunny," she faltered, real tears coursing down her cheeks.

The sticks swung down, but somehow they faltered, for the drummer was shaking now.

And so he never seriously faltered in crushing down the rising love within him or trying to crush it out in her.

"I guess I'm not a very—good business manager," faltered the red-lipped voice with incongruous pathos.

Platonida Ivanovna fairly dropped to the ground beside him; she put her arms round him, faltered, 'Yasha!

They were badly led, and, being demoralized, they faltered and sought shelter in the crater.

The voice he recognized as Anthony faltered between question and statement.

Woe to the unfortunate creature who, in her nervousness, faltered over a syllable or stumbled at a word!

"I don't understand what you have in mind," faltered Canfield.