Familial [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Familial:

Some of those relationships are romantic, and some are familial, and some are platonic, but they all appear to be very loving.

In the old days, when Aunt Rose’s friend’s daughter Brittany called you, your familial obligations to Aunt Rose extended to Brittany, requiring some response.

Hunting rhetoric is filled with talk about the familial passing of age-old traditions.

Designed to go beyond square footage and budget, the search engine also factors in familial status, day-to-day lifestyle necessities, and neighborhood must-haves to serve each user with the homes that best fit his or her life.

One recent study found that nursing mothers passed along unique, familial strains of bacteria to their infants, suggesting that, like those aphids, humans may also convey unique microbial heirlooms from mother to child.

One example is familial hypercholesterolemia, an inherited form of high cholesterol which leads to early heart disease and death.

In the middle of the night, she called upon her familial-spirit to carry her to Lucifer.

Again it struck me that they bore a familial kinship to a variety that occurred on the plain.

There are, moreover, varying strains of spirochetes which differ in virulence, or there are familial idiosyncrasies.

He'd clap his hand upon my shoulder and cuss me as familial and neighbourly as if he'd been a common chap.