Familiarizing [verb]

Definition of Familiarizing:

make or become acquainted with, knowledgeable about

Opposite/Antonyms of Familiarizing:

Sentence/Example of Familiarizing:

He had, perhaps, achieved all he desired now, in familiarizing himself with the waters of this coast.

Those engaged were familiarizing themselves with the books in which names were to be entered.

Sam's morning was occupied in familiarizing himself with the regimental routine in barracks.

Spend rest of period in familiarizing pupils with laying down runs and intersecting lines of position on Mercator plotting charts.

Sir Charles spent his time in familiarizing himself with the position and needs of the country at large.

He knew Latin as he did Italian, and was familiarizing himself with Greek.

The Canadian ministers made a tour through the Maritime Provinces, speaking in public and familiarizing the people with the plan.

Children are indeed in the habit of familiarizing themselves with their surroundings; but the strongest impressions predominate.

By thoroughly familiarizing himself with these details, he has been able to produce his plays with entire fidelity to history.

To none save those who, familiarizing themselves with the order of life, think that they have resolved its nature.