Famous [adjective]

Definition of Famous:

legendary, notable to many

Opposite/Antonyms of Famous:

Sentence/Example of Famous:

Ratched’s famous keychain is a link between Fletcher and Paulson.

For proof of concept, they decided to digitally reproduce Dutch master Johannes Vermeer's famous painting Girl With a Pearl Earring—just painted in light instead of pigment.

The Fifth isn’t just a famous melody — it’s a story of despair, Beethoven’s deafness, and establishing the will to go on.

Dan’s view that the main thing in universal grammar—following on a famous paper by Hauser, Chomsky, and Fitch—is something like Merge.

There are open-source programs people can access for free online, and as far as finding video footage of famous people—well, we’ve got YouTube to thank for how easy that is.

In May 2019, Greenleaf opened in Milford, New Hampshire, a small town famous for its pumpkin festival and leaf-peeping.

Everyone who was famous in January suddenly finds themselves canceled, irrelevant, dimmed and unsure of their path back to celebrity.

Mulvihill, also a board member of the American Booksellers Association, says it’s been a roller coaster since the famous indie bookstore first closed on March 16.

You don’t just come up with a great result, publish a paper and become famous.

The Framingham Heart Study is another famous long-running cohort.