Fanatical [adjective]

Definition of Fanatical:


Opposite/Antonyms of Fanatical:

Sentence/Example of Fanatical:

The standard of the Prophet was raised in the bazaar and a fanatical mob rallied round it.

His duties as Pipe-master, Hennemann discharged with great fidelity; yea, even with genuine fanatical zeal.

Blind faith in a religion, fanatical zeal for a religion, are too common to astonish us.

But a fanatical or parricide priest is not incited in this way; heaven is held out to him, and not a woman.

The fanatical Fra Rupert and the low, vile-tongued Catanaise are not tragic characters.

This Smith published many other tracts and sermons, chiefly fanatical and with fantastical titles.

There was the blind, fanatical opposition of the mollahs, and those Mussulmans whom they influenced.

The old man's mind still burned with the fever of his fanatical inspiration.

But John Brown—honest, enthusiastic and intensely fanatical on the slavery question—issued his commands.

Yet, in spite of this enactment, the fanatical suspicion continued to display itself at frequent intervals.