Fancier [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fancier:

The fact that Henry had been the first to make headway with the dog fancier, had not escaped him.

I would as soon go to a bird-fancier's as to a boarding-school for young ladies: indeed, I am not well enough to go any where.

At the present moment a well-known lady fancier is striving to obtain a Dalmatian mouse.

Although more or less of regulation size, shape and ornamentation are left to the individual taste of the fancier.

But, dear, I may come to see it through your eyes and in the light of this altruistic dog fancier.

There was no doubt that I could exhibit several specimens which any fancier would be proud of.

The barnyard variety may puzzle the amateur fancier, but there is no mistaking the State Street chicken.

The noted temperance lecturer, John B. Gough, was a very enthusiastic fancier.

Another and more skillful fancier saw these chickens and persuaded the farmer to sell him a few of the best.

A farmer-fancier's poultry plant is usually a combination of extensive and intensive methods.