Fancifulness [noun]

Definition of Fancifulness:

quaint or fanciful quality or humor

Synonyms of Fancifulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fancifulness:


Sentence/Example of Fancifulness:

The reader has been able to form some idea of the fancifulness of the vegetable forms peculiar to the Australian savannahs.

She tried to smile a little as though at her own childish fancifulness but suddenly a heavy shining tear fell on her hand.

As a poet Mr. Linton is always fanciful with a studied fancifulness, and often felicitous with a chance felicity.

But the men were surpassed by the women of the coterie in piquant eccentricity and grotesque fancifulness.

With the fancifulness of her kind, she finally took it into her head that she must consult a doctor in New York.

In these accounts it was not so much truthfulness that appealed to the public, as strangeness and fancifulness.

There was a certain amount of fancifulness and emphasis in his speech, but they understood him very well.

Marise remembered that she must as usual arrange something to present to Jeanne that would not reflect on Maman's fancifulness.

Fraulein was used to her aunt's ways; the old lady was a curious mixture of practical commonsense and dreamy fancifulness.

My fancifulness he commended as something to be turned to use in writing stories.