Fancying [adjective]

Definition of Fancying:

extravagant, ornamental

Synonyms of Fancying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fancying:

Sentence/Example of Fancying:

We want to have the fancy, nice things but often discover that having the fancy, nice things usually means someone has to pay.

To make a deepfake, you don’t need a fancy computer or even a ton of knowledge about software.

It covers the review of all documents first by the lender, then separately by the borrower’s “settlement agent,” a fancy term for his or her lawyer.

Figuring this all out takes some fancy math, but it’s something an electronic calculator can easily manage.

Portable bathroom options, which range from simple bag setups for fast and light backpacking to fancy full-flush contraptions for long-term campground stays, can help.

Leinster does write that some customers may pay almost any price to get fancier and fancier phones.

“They’re putting some fancy lingo around it or they’re moving it to a different site and calling it an outlet,” she said.

Over the past couple of decades, American cities replaced their abandoned downtowns with gleaming new residential developments, fancy restaurants, and office buildings with high-paying jobs.

Using computer-aided design, they designed multiple shapes and fed the data into a digital micromirror device—kind of like a cross between a really fancy camera lens and a tiny house of mirrors.

A fancy came into my head that I would entertain the king and queen with an English tune upon this instrument.