Fanlight [noun]

Definition of Fanlight:

framework with pane

Synonyms of Fanlight:

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Sentence/Example of Fanlight:

Fanlight openers for single lights, or geared for a number of sashes, may be designed to suit positions difficult of access.

It had the staid and comfortable stamp of the Georgian period, with its big square windows, and the unique fanlight over the door.

Just the scent of camphor, and dust-motes in a sunbeam through the fanlight over the door.

At the red-brick Home with the green fanlight over the door his reception was more cordial.

Nearly every one of them had “Apartments” in gilt letters on the fanlight over the front door.

Several worn steps led to the thin high door with an old-fashioned fanlight above it.

Now that the silence had come we heard the rain driven in torrents against the fanlight above the hall door.

Where did it come from—that quaint little house with the fanlight over the door and the flower-starred grassplot in front?

Across the white vapour cast outward from the fanlight he could see nothing but the crystal snowflakes falling wearily.

The fanlight in the old doorway shone down the brick walk and touched Nancy's hair.