Fanned [verb]

Definition of Fanned:

blow on

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Sentence/Example of Fanned:

While there’s still no Supernatural spinoff series currently on air or in the works, fans who’ve stuck with the show for 15 seasons undoubtedly still want more.

The biggest change is definitely the omission of a fan in the MacBook Air.

Parnassus’s Keith is a fan of Burlington Stores, the third-largest off-price retailer in the country after Ross Stores and TJX.

During the pandemic, ARMY has also been a lifesaver for fans.

She is as big a fan of baseball as I am of motor racing, and her beloved Washington Nationals were being celebrated for having won the World Series, after all.

If Facebook is a meeting place where you go to find your community, YouTube a concert hall or backstage for something you’re a fan of, then Twitter is a bit like the public square where you go to find out what’s being said about something.

Almost immediately, most basketball fans began dreaming on a Paul-Booker backcourt.

As for the draft, fans may have very little idea who anyone is, given the absence of the NCAA tournament to raise or lower players’ profiles.

I’m a fan of warmer weather and water, so it feels like I’m going on vacation.

After their first photo shoot at a historic antebellum-style home, they decided to call themselves Lady Antebellum — a phrase that confused both fans and their label, but reminded them of their Southern music influences.