Fans [noun]

Definition of Fans:

blower of air

Synonyms of Fans:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fans:


Sentence/Example of Fans:

At the middle altar was the mandarin, piously engaged in prayer, while two stood beside him, fanning him with large fans.

On the eastern fluttered gauzy veils, feathery fans, blazing brocade of Mosul, and kerchiefs of Kufa.

Our train pulled out at five o'clock sharp with much yelling and waving of handkerchiefs and fans.

There was a couple of big wild-turkey-wing fans spread out behind those things.

They were arranged for working under natural draft, assisted by fans, which blew air into the open stokehold.

In the limited light his ten fingers were fans, and it was then that he understood the reason for such a move.

"Good-morning," said a low voice from the door as I stood encouraging the camp-fire with splinter wood and dead palmetto fans.

There were no curtains or ventilator-fans, the room was very hot, and the glaring sunshine emphasized its ugliness.

In the morning, very early, the monks wander forth, dressed in yellow robes and carrying begging-bowls and fans.

A man should be like the fans of a windmill; he should go about a good deal, and not stop long—in the country.