Fantasia [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fantasia:

But here the fantasia fell flat, and pleased neither the public nor the musicians.

At an orchestral rehearsal, held specially for him, he conducted his new Don Quixote Fantasia.

On this same occasion Tchaikovsky begged Vladimir Stassov to suggest a subject for a symphonic fantasia.

I have only just finished the composition of a new work, the symphonic fantasia, Francesca da Rimini.

This is especially the case in the Fantasia, where the connection of parts is anything but masterly.

The great success, however, of the evening was his performance of the Fantasia on Polish airs.

During the last movement of the Fantasia I perceived that, like a run-away carriage going down-hill, an overturn was inevitable.

There was no more thought of playing music, for after Beethovens fantasia half of the pianoforte strings were broken.

It is, moreover, saturated with Liszt, as is the whole Fantasia.

He asked me if I had composed a fantasia on the Red Sarafan.