Fantasies [noun]

Definition of Fantasies:

imagination, dream

Opposite/Antonyms of Fantasies:

Sentence/Example of Fantasies:

Even our sovereigns of the West have incomprehensible fantasies; but they are nothing compared with Oriental caprices.

Their putty-and-pasteboard fantasies did not long survive the Honorable William Linder's return to consciousness and coherence.

Her fantasies and her fashions were imitated on every table of the Roman upper ten.

What fantasies she wove out of a rather limited imagination!

His first published composition “Fantasies in three parts, composed for viols,” appeared in 1610.

But I can't do that kind of thing, and I must stick to my little sophistical fantasies, or my bald reports of nature.

In the second of these little fantasies the midnight wanderer saw certain combats famous in all literature and certain dances.

And strange dreams, and visions, and fantasies would be brewing in the brains of Mr. Cannon, both when sleeping and awake.

The danger is in these, for from them may arise fantasies, insufficiently justified principles, and inclination to deceit.

Nothing, nothing, dear Isegrim; they are only the fantasies of illness!