Fantastical [adjective]

Definition of Fantastical:


Opposite/Antonyms of Fantastical:

Sentence/Example of Fantastical:

This Smith published many other tracts and sermons, chiefly fanatical and with fantastical titles.

The more intensely passionate the love of the child, the more fantastical is its conduct.

The garb of these figures, so far as it could be discerned through the drenching rain, was fantastical in the extreme.

He ought to have been in his father's footsteps, and he would then have disciplined or quashed his fantastical ideas.

And the chance seemed a slender, fantastical one, even if he could safely get to a public telephone.

She shivered, trying to banish the strange, fantastical ideas that swarmed upon her.

Jortin gives a title, which he says, of all the fantastical titles he can recollect, is one of the prettiest.

It bore a fantastical resemblance to a snake coiled up and about to dart upon its prey.

This unusual mode of locomotion was something incredibly fantastical, and, at the same time, ridiculous.

The dark outlines of strange, wildly-fantastical figures silently move amongst the flames.