Fantastically [adverb]

Definition of Fantastically:


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Sentence/Example of Fantastically:

The letter, fantastically expressed as it was, conveyed the true condition of the hour.

“You would sap the very source of human happiness and enterprise,” Professor Fortescue asserted, fantastically.

The furnishings are many hued, the cushions a flare of color, and the pictures fantastically futuristic.

It was a singular scene presented by the four men standing round the fire, whose flame fantastically lit up their faces.

Nowhere perhaps has the great water erosion of bygone aeons wrought more grotesquely and fantastically than in the Moqui basin.

In the middle of this broad and fantastically carved joist there was an old painting representing a cat playing rackets.

They were fantastically tattooed on different parts of their bodies.

Even the most fantastically complicated combinations plopped the required ball into a pocket.

But he got the impression that she was almost fantastically naive.

Only—all this is even more fantastically new to me than it is to you.