Fantasy [noun]

Definition of Fantasy:

imagination, dream

Opposite/Antonyms of Fantasy:

Sentence/Example of Fantasy:

Our fantasies, though, are of the restaurant experience returned to normal.

Today’s tech capabilities are nowhere near any of those fantasies.

Tasmania might seem farther away than ever right now, and while cooking with How Wild Things Are won’t bring it any closer, it makes part of the fantasy of travel — experiencing the food of a place — real, if only for a moment.

As a sop to her sad diet, she indulges in mommy-centric sexual fantasies about an older female colleague.

There are robust communities online dedicated to LARPing, live-action role-playing events in which people gather offline and pretend to be fantasy heroes.

In the mystery-fantasy, Cho plays genius coder Han Tae-Sul, who meets Park’s Kang Seo-Hae—an elite fighter from the future who travels back in time to save him.

In our schools and sanctuaries and clubs and communities, in our dealings with alienated friends and family, the vital work of replacing toxic fantasies with hard realities falls to each of us.

It’s possible she was either sucked into Wanda’s fantasy or was sent on a mission but doesn’t know how to negotiate Wanda’s predicament.

Which is to say that it’s possible to be pro-revenge-fantasy and still be anti-Promising Young Woman.

Assuming that Wanda isn’t literally attacked by bees, we can assume that this person is a figment or her imagination or a real person trying to break into her fantasy.