Farcical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Farcical:

Surely it’s there in the farcical-but-true story Brandon Fuller recalls from circa 1977 about his sister, Bev, 10 years older, who played forward on the Colorado High girls’ basketball team in Colorado City, Tex.

The NFL’s effort to complete a season during a pandemic reached a farcical stage Sunday.

It was almost farcical in its needlessness, and poor Dorothy's part in it of the slightest import.

The incident was farcical enough, but the incidents came so fast that they were beginning to get on Jessie's nerves.

Whether they are serious or farcical, they may, in some particulars, not proceed exactly as they are designed to do.

We must hinder this farcical ceremony; his Highness cannot marry two wives!

Mostly, the story was voted delightfully funny, but very foolish and farcical after all.

He would regard it as farcical melodrama, turn from it even in thought with infinite contempt and scorn.

Beginning with a farcical burlesque of the stealthy invasion of the French, they go on from ridicule to contempt.

To others there might have seemed something humorous in the situation—in its almost farcical complications and misunderstandings.