Farewells [noun]

Definition of Farewells:

departing saying; departure

Synonyms of Farewells:

Opposite/Antonyms of Farewells:

Sentence/Example of Farewells:

The result was not exactly an offensive masterpiece putting the rest of the NFC on notice that the Saints are poised for a Super Bowl run in what could be Brees’s farewell postseason.

In our farewell, my boss said he was sending a gift to me to recognize both.

The cartoonist bid farewell knowing his strip was at its aesthetic pinnacle.

Three days before flying with his mother and manager to his new life in Washington, the Wizards’ 19-year-old first-round draft pick is bidding farewell to the floor that made him famous by draining one three-pointer after another.

All of the Core Four were still producing for the Yankees into the 2010s, years after Williams had played his last game in pinstripes, which kept him from participating in the farewell narrative with the rest of the dynasty’s cornerstones.

I often recall the farewell lunch we had together at the Restaurant de Paris, in the Escolta.

Uncle David nodded, and waved his hand, as on entering the door he gave them a farewell smile over his shoulder.

They were just about to celebrate tabagie, or a solemn feast, over his last farewell.

The farewell and the mourning are finished by the slaughter of dogs, that the dying man may have forerunners in the other world.

In the evening I received General d'Amade who had come over to pay his farewell visit.