Farinaceous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Farinaceous:

The skin was very thin; the pulp farinaceous, white, and of a good taste.

After this, the food should consist of milk and farinaceous vegetables.

Animal food, as I have shown elsewhere, is not so nutritious as some of the farinaceous vegetables.

And if this oil tends to induce disease, and farinaceous food does not, why should not animal food be excluded?

This species of farinaceous food is much used, and is fast coming into vogue.

It was easily distinguished from the farinaceous pellets then collected by other bees.

The people make weirs for them, and as the waters retire kill large numbers, which they use as a relish to their farinaceous food.

The men are not at all backward in returning the compliment, and the streets are at times filled with the farinaceous dust.

A prehistoric farinaceous food of the Romans survives in our bridecake or wedding cake.

The young may, however, be reared on farinaceous food, with the addition of a little fish and raw meat; when older on flesh alone.