Farmland [noun]

Definition of Farmland:

earth's surface; ownable property

Synonyms of Farmland:

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Sentence/Example of Farmland:

In 1938, this sediment made for rich farmland, but Walter Stopa thought this particular hill had a higher purpose than agriculture.

Researchers have found that a cash payment program targeted at the rural poor in Indonesia also led to a 30 percent reduction in deforestation, as struggling communities tend to clear more farmland.

You’ve talked about how Queens and the Bronx were farmland originally.

Urbanization only makes this harder, cutting the amount of farmland available and putting more people in closer proximity to each other.

That farmland is partly taken up by the animals themselves, but it’s also used to grow crops like corn and soy exclusively for animal consumption.

It has subsidized the expansion of soy farmland and supplemented the legume in pig feed, but progress has been slow.

I have traveled through miles of this farmland in France, and its beauty was a splendid poem of what God had helped man to do.

And to leave her in farmland would be to let her slip back again out of accord with him.

His mind dwelt longingly upon Hascombe Hall and the acres of parkland, moorland, and farmland that were its inheritance.

These we reached and crossed safely, finding ourselves once again in farmland and a country of hedges and dykes.