Farms [noun]

Definition of Farms:

land for agriculture or animal breeding

Synonyms of Farms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Farms:


Sentence/Example of Farms:

You can’t overlook the farm system that YouTube is building for content.

Vaccinating animals for their own health and for the protection of humans is commonly done on farms.

There’s a huge boom — lots of new chemicals, fertilizers, machinery, that make farms more productive.

The Miami Marlins, in the midst of a deep rebuild with what we project to be the second-worst run differential in the NL, have improved their farm system, which had been one of the worst in baseball.

Because you need a wider base to support a taller turbine, beyond a certain tower height, the bases are too wide to be driven from factory to wind farm.

On a real farm, drones face wind, rain and other difficult conditions.

In England before the Industrial Revolution, Bolles said, there were a lot of small farms, and in between the farms there was a common space where the farmers are allowed to graze their animals.

Scientists have already been using this method to identify methane leaking from pipelines, landfills or dairy farms.

The Drake University sociologist Michael Haedicke studies agricultural labor, especially the undocumented immigrants who travel from farm to farm picking fruits and vegetables, milking cows, and so on.

Tracing their movements by tracking scat, her research team is now working to create protected areas between farms and communities.