Farmstead [noun]

Definition of Farmstead:

large farm

Synonyms of Farmstead:

Opposite/Antonyms of Farmstead:


Sentence/Example of Farmstead:

The farmstead must not be accused of being such a structure as that unless it is absolutely necessary.

In this farmstead world, each individual member must therefore be made happy.

The farmstead is an intricate organism with many parts working wonderfully together.

In the varied business of the farmstead the daughter may see her love of animals gratified.

They see now that the farmstead is closely knit up with the larger unit of the farm community.

She was already a unit in the complex structure of the farmstead before she was so acutely needed.

Whatever burden there is to be borne falls more heavily upon the wife than upon the husband in the farmstead.

In such a joy as this, the daughter in the farmstead is, within the bounds of her working capacity, invited to partake.

But for the myriads of little things that belong to the home side of the farmstead, this ingenious system is especially adapted.

Fifty years ago there was only a single farmstead where the great town of Middlesbrough now stands.